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Mum & Baby Yoga

These mum & baby classes are about just that: mum & baby. You'll be guided by post-natal yoga expert Tamsin who'll provide a perfect environment for you and your little one to bond even more.
You'll learn techniques to help you recover from birth, both mentally and physically, whilst learning to take it slowly and be gentle with yourself. And your baby will be involved in the entire class, too, helping you improve your baby-handling know-how and opening the door to a joyful and confident motherhood.
In these sessions you'll learn:
 - Yogic breathing to promote calm and ease
 - Slow, nurturing yoga poses for mum including pelvic floor work to build strength and poses to increase flexibility  
- Baby yoga poses that will help improve sleep, digestion and circulation in your little one as well as helping them develop a strong and healthy nervous system 

Your baby is welcome to join from 6/8 weeks old or 8/10 weeks after a c-section. These sessions are super relaxed and allow feeding and changing when necessary. Make sure to bring a pillow.

The next course starts in April. Make sure to book a spot soon - they run out quickly!


Beginner's Yoga Course with founder Chloe

These 6-week beginner yoga courses are for anyone who's looking to feel and look better without having to do burpees. They're for mums who tried pregnancy yoga but never made it back. For men who've heard yoga's great, but think they're too tight. For anyone thinking about trying or resuming this whole yoga thing...

Taught by founder Chloe, these courses are in typical The Yoga Revolution style: light-hearted, super soulful and centred on sustainable movement to feel better, no matter your ability.

Courses are £48 or you can upgrade to include a membership for the duration of the course for another £29. The latter gives you access to Sarah's beginner's class and Chloe's all-levels classes each week, allowing you to *really* progress on your yoga journey!

The courses are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-6:30pm - find out more here, or book a spot on the next course below.


The Art Of Yoga Workshops

This trio of courses with founder Chloe, running over 3 weeks, is about going deeper into your yoga practice, totally upgrading your regular yoga classes (regardless of who teaches them), and getting stronger, longer and fitter quicker than ever before.

Perfect for anyone wanting to learn more about the how and why of a physical yoga practice. 

We recommend attending all three to get the most benefit, but you can also attend single sessions. Not recommended for complete beginners. Book a spot below.


1 workshop: £35   |   2 workshops: £60   |   All 3: £85   |   Members: Save 15%

*** if booking for more than one person, please email***

 The Balance of Effort & Ease - Saturday 29th February

This workshop is about diving deeper into our yoga practice than ever before. We'll look at the basics of how our bodies work in our yoga practice, and how we can get them stronger, longer, and more capable by learning when to be strong and when to relax. 
Expect to go deep into our Blissology alignment principles and put it all into practice with a strong vinyasa flow. As always, it comes down to finding more joy in our yoga and our life!

Hips Don't Lie: Happy Hips For Life - Saturday 7th March

It's allllll about them hips, baby. We're gonna get deep into the anatomy behind hip movement, hip-openers, and alignment strategies to help us get happier hips than ever before.
We'll start by going into our Blissology alignment principles and how they work in relation to our hips, before putting it all into practice with a vinyasa flow class.

Blissology Superflow Session - Saturday 14th March

This workshop will bring the most joy into your yoga practice than ever. We'll get off the traditional trajectory of yoga and move into Blissology's soulful and fluid Superflow vibe. It's about tuning into our bodies more to get an even better yoga experience.
There'll be fire and sweat, as well as a total recharge and meditative boost.

A perfect stand-alone workshop, or even better with the knowledge from the previous Art Of Yoga Workshops under your belt.


Rev. Talks presents Sarah Spencer: Vision Workshop

Saturday 21st March  |  12 - 1:30pm  |  Pay-as-you-feel  |  Booking essential

*** if booking for more than one person, please email***

Welcome to Rev. Talks. The first of its kind for The Yoga Revolution, and something we hope will become an inspiration for yogis and non-yogis alike.
We touch on a lot of big-picture concepts on the mat. You'll often hear us talk about taking better care of ourselves, each other, our planet. But what does that actually look like?
Our Rev. Talks are about going deeper into those conversations with experts who really live this stuff.
Put simply, Rev. Talks are about betterment in some way. How can we live better, more joyful, more light-hearted, more conscious lives? This is what we want to answer through these discussions and workshops. And we can't wait to see where this journey takes us.

We're kicking off this conversational journey with the amazing Sarah Spencer and her 2020 vision workshop. 
Who is Sarah Spencer?

Sarah Spencer is a master practitioner of NLP and has been studying spiritual psychotherapy for two years. Originally, Sarah's career saw her managing product collections for sports brands and, whilst taking a leadership course in her position at Nike, she had her first NLP experience. Shortly after, she bravely left the corporate world and now delivers transformational workshops both corporately and personally for anyone looking to expand their experience of life.
What you can expect from this session

It's intention-setting in a big, powerful way. Before we begin to set an intention it’s really important we become aware of how we think and feel.
This workshop is designed to evolve your knowledge of intention setting, focussing on awareness and alignment similar to when you're on the mat. Really useful stuff if you're looking to expand, grow or develop in any way. 
Within this session we'll have 3 main focus points:

1. Your brain is a record of your past, have you hear the saying “If you do what you’ve always done you’ll get what you’ve always got?” Truth. The important message behind that statement to know is that 95% of our thoughts are subconscious, and they are driving the decisions we make, hence why we find ourselves doing the same thing over, getting stuck, or feeling like we have no choice. So until we can learn something new, and become more aware of ourselves, it’s very difficult to create a vision beyond our own limitations.

2. When we do start to think about creating a vision, we have a habit of writing lists lists. Sound familiar?

  • Start a new job

  • Grow my business/Get a new job

  • Earn more money

  • Be in a relationship

  • Experience more of the world

  • Buy a new house

So, here’s the thing with creating a vision, you need to be able to feel it, otherwise the energy behind it isn’t aligned. So how you want to FEEL and who you want to BE becomes more important with what you want to DO.

3. We get to choose everyday how we want to show up, yet it can sometimes feel like life is running the show. You’ll learn how to reframe your story back to you, aligning with who you really are, away from the noise and the learnt ways of being.

By the end of the session you will have all you need to set a clear intention for the year ahead and have picked up a load of useful techniques on keeping your awareness and alignment along the way.

Not only all of that, but you'll get a free drink on arrival.
We can't bloody wait. This first session is a donation event. Just pay what you feel after the session's done. We've got limited spaces, so make sure to book in advance.
Remember, we're in a yoga studio, so expect to sit on the floor. Beanbags and cushions are welcome :)


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