Get started with this easy guide to TYR’s classes

Which of the four describes you best? Beginner, more intermediate, in need of slowing down, or worried about finding the time? Don’t overthink this, just click the one you most resonate with and you’ll get tailored content to help you get stuck into your practice.

I’m a beginner and want to start a habit

This is for you if you’re super fresh to the yoga practice, have only practiced a little, or you’ve been out of the habit for a while.

I’m more intermediate and want to get stuck in

This is for you if you’ve been practicing for a year or more and want a vinyasa practice to get your heart pumping.

I just need to slow the heck down

You’re in the right place if you’re really interested in a slower sort of practice. This is all about meditations, restorative, and easy-going mellow flows.

I’m worried I don’t have enough time

Head here if your just run off your feet and you’re already wondering how you’ll fit this yoga stuff in.