It’s a revolution, right? In a way, at least. Because, and you’ve heard me say or maybe you’ve read in a previous post, that it’s a joy revolution, a good humour revolution; a revolution against being / doing / looking / eating a certain way in order to be awesome. You know what I’m talking about. And ’cause I’m crazy about this and loving how much of a change this can make in our lives, here’s how I think we can BE this stuff off the mat, and it all starts with the yoga.


Be The Revolution in your yoga class, folks. It always starts and comes back to the practice, right? This is probably one of the main reasons we yoga (apart from justifying cake, o’course). And it needs to ALWAYS factor in the good vibes. This is said so often I fear we become desensitised to it, so let’s try to feel this stuff more. As you breathe through your practice, take in the good shit, and exhale the bullshit. In a class a few days ago we did this SO verbally and told HSBC to fuck off – it doesn’t get more cathartic than that (yeah, screw you HSBC for adding to my admin pile (but I’m sure they’re very nice people…)). And remember, to really embrace The Rev, don’t stress about your outfit, your size or shape; what you look like in this pose (yes, that means whether or not your leggings have slipped down AGAIN); don’t stress about whether you really ‘got this’ or not; don’t worry about whether you eat meat or can be bothered to follow @yogagirl on Instagram. It’s all BS anyway. Like Marion said last week (an awesome tribe member), “with HIM in power we’ll probably get nuked anyway. Sod it.” Thanks Marion, wise words (if a little glum). Apply them as needed to the eating of cake, the purchasing of inappropriate slogan t-shirts, the dancing in your kitchen, or, indeed, the wearing of sparkly leggings.


This is where it gets tricky. We’re not in a snazzy yoga environment and we’ve got little people pestering us for food, big people pestering us about bills, maybe even a furry thing also pestering about food or weeing on your living-room carpet. How the hell are we supposed to keep focused on the good stuff? Well, let’s remember to connect when we can to this awesome natural world. This is where we often get the most energy and good vibes. Even if it’s just looking up at the sky, or remembering where your breath comes from. And keep the vibe alive – you don’t have to fit in or conform. Let’s boycott marketing campaigns and magazines 80% filled with adverts telling us we NEED to be something we’re not. Remember: another’s beauty / success / style / yoga ability / <insert your own comparisons here> doesn’t take away from your own. Some chap once said ‘comparison is the thief of joy’. It sure is. Remember you’re awesome.

And maybe this means not watching the news, or not listening to that friend who’s always bringing you down. Be outrageously you. Be flamboyant if you like. And always carry some o’the good vibes from yoga around in your pocket, ready to sprinkle them over any situation.

How do you live The Yoga Revolution? Remember: it’s not just yoga, folks.

Thanks for being a part of this stuff, you guys! Go have an awesome day, and I’ll check in with you soon.

Chloe - Founder and Lead Teacher

POSTED: 06/01/2017

Chloe is the founder of TYR and her mission in life is simple: to encourage and facilitate authentic happiness in herself and those around her, and this goes into each and every class she teaches.

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