Wahoo! Welcome to the gang, !

Your free trial has been set up successfully and someone at TYR HQ has just done a little dance.

Here’s what to do next to get the most from your time with us:

Book a live class

THE best thing to do *right now* (except getting on that live call with Chloe o’course) is to get booked onto a live class. Choose an evening Big Calm for a total slow-down, an early morning Start me Up to get you prepped for a good day, or a Good Vibrations session to get you perked up.

Plan your sessions

We want nothing more than for you to get the most from your trial with us (it’s our mission to help you feel better, after all!). The best way to do this is to plan which classes to practice first. Head here to go through our easy class plan to really tailor your time with us.

Join our members-only Facebook group

We know one of the biggest things standing in the way of committing to an at-home yoga practice is accountability. And this is why you need to join our group. Because, if you’ve ever joined an online studio or fitness platform before and not seen results, it’s probably because you’ve not committed.

And we want nothing else than for you to commit to yoga and feel better! This group is a place where you’ll get support from folks who’ve been there and done that (TYR teachers included), folks who are going through the same stuff you are, and the accountability to show up every week and make the time for you. Click here to join our members-only Facebook group.

BONUS: Schedule a call with Chloe!

So much of what you’ve just signed up for is community and connection. So, once your trial has converted into our regular membership in 14 days time, we’d love to get to know you and where you’re at in your practice via a free 15-minute Zoom call with Chloe. Schedule it right here in advance.

It’s a perfect way to get to know TYR’s founder and lead teacher, but also you can address any concerns, questions, or goals you’re working toward. It’s just like you’re stepping through the doors of a real studio!