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The future of TYR is changing

Well, 2020 has been a blast so far, eh? You're probably aware that our studio closed due to the virus in March of this year, and since then we’ve been running classes and workshops online. This, we’re pleased to say, has been a massive success - we're loving all the furry yogis that are joining the gang! - and it will continue moving forward, no matter what happens.

In-person classes are a part of our future, too, they'll just look a little different to what we’re used to. When we’re able to gather in larger groups again, we’ll be throwing yoga parties at some of the coolest event spaces around the city. Just watch this space.

And the studio? As we're sure you can understand, it’s been a hugely difficult journey over the past few months with the studio. So much so, that we’ve had to make the decision to close her doors for good.

Our business model has always been to deliver outstanding yoga at an inclusive price. However, with social distancing being something we may need to follow for quite some time, and with our community of yoga mavericks growing continuously, the studio just wouldn’t be big enough to cater for classes above 8-10 people. And, as you know, those first ten spots go quickly and, we feel, it wouldn’t be fair for you to pay membership and not be able to access the classes you want.

As well as that, in the current climate, especially with unfavourable rental terms by our landlords, the financials of keeping the studio open just didn’t add up.

So, without the studio, what does TYR look like in 2020?

  • Online classes. Right now, you’ve got 14 classes per week with Chloe, Sarah and Leandra streaming live via Zoom, as well as weekly guest classes with amazing teachers from the global Blissology teaching community. Fluffy best friends, kids, partners *always* welcome.

  • TYR TV. As of writing this email, we’ve got nearly 100 classes of different durations, ability levels and styles you can access anytime. New sessions are added every week, including guest classes and more dynamic content moving forward, too. There's even an app to make TYR TV accessible wherever you are.

  • The Facebook group. Hopefully something you’re using - this group has gone up a notch since we shifted online. Updates, classes, bonus content, community conversations. We're really excited about staying connected this way.

The above is a part of all of our monthly and annual memberships.

  • In-person classic TYR classes. Yes, you read correctly. In-person classes aren’t a thing of the past just because our studio space no longer works for us. We’ll run big, TYR sessions at some of the coolest event spaces around York (and maybe further afield). These classes will be subsidised for members.

  • Courses. Our new virtual and interactive beginner's course is nearly ready to go and will start on the 6th of June, and we've got other courses to help you progress and learn more up our sleeves, too. These courses are about learning in your own time as well as staying connected and diving deeper with your teacher(s) - way more than our in-person workshops and courses could ever provide.

And what can you expect from TYR moving forward?

  • Community, community, community. We’re really excited to suddenly be open to the entire world. Not only are you an important part of our York community, but you’ll become an important part of TYR’s global community of like-minded people. Not to mention being connected with some of the best teachers in the world.

  • Rev Talks. These workshops are about continuing the conversations we touch on in class. Lifestyle, health, environment - it's betterment in some way. Our first one is with the amazing life and business coach, Caroline Kay, on Saturday 18th of July, and it’s all about accessing and living your dreams. We’ll continue to have speakers in for these events, online at first, but hopefully shifting to in-person in the future.

  • Retreats. Uh huh, we said it. Retreats have always been something we wanted to incorporate into the TYR bag of love but we’ve just not had the opportunity. Until now. Of course, we don’t have a schedule worked out yet, but we’re hoping it won’t be too long before we gear up for TYR abroad. Bring your suncream.

We really haven’t made this decision easily, and I know it will be sad news not just for us, but for you guys too. But there's been a realisation for us over the past few months that TYR isn't the four walls of that studio. We - us - are way bigger than that.

So, while closing the studio doors has been painful, sad and feels definitely like the end of an era, we're really excited about growing TYR in lots of new ways. For now, nothing's changed. Classes are continuing, the vibes are just as high, and we can't wait to see what the future holds.

We wouldn't be here without your support and we hope to yoga into the new, better future with you right beside us. If you'd like to discuss anything with us, you know where we are.

Can't wait to yoga with you again soon.

Chloe & Darren


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