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Debunked: The 5 Biggest Myths About Yoga

Yoga. Even in York we're inundated. You've probably heard about it from the badly-designed flyer pinned to the bus stop. Apparently Ryan Giggs does it. And there's these things called yoga pants which, seemingly, are overpriced Netflix-wear. Right? Well, yeah (and holy shit are they overpriced).

But I'm writing this today to dispel a couple'a myths about yoga. Because I'm nice like that. Ready?

1. Yoga's just stretching. YAWN!

I'm writing this wanting to let you know that it ain't all organised stretching, but some classes are and they can suck. Firstly, it's important that there's an element of strength-building in yoga. If we're just bendy bendy without any support network (i.e. strength) we'd all be floating around dislocating our elbows reaching for the top-shelf liquor.

But yoga can also be seriously fun. Think handstands, Hendrix (in our classes at least) and some serious chillout time.

2. Yoga is for uber spiritual people

Can I get a 'hell no'! *Hell no!* So no, it's not. Some yoga classes are uber spiritual, and that's ok if that's your jam. But other classes just aren't.

Yoga classes - even in our little town of York - can vary wildly from the super spiritual to plain ol' stretching and everything else in between. Some classes focus instead on building strength and working toward a goal pose, fostering community, or simply helping you feel better in a totally secular way. You can be as non-spiritual as you like. It's all good.

3. Only old ladies do yoga

No. No, no, no. Ryan Giggs actually DOES do yoga, and he's the oldest top-flight professional footballer in history (because of the yoga, dummy). Fat people do yoga, too. Skinny people, white people, black people, old people and kids. And the convicted. And weight lifters (it's true. And if they're not, they seriously should). It really is for everyone.

4. You gotta be a vegan to do yoga

Fuck that. Seriously. Eat whatever the hell you like, as often as you like. Who cares? Now, some folk might tell you otherwise. Don't listen to these people. Throw some cheese at them and run away.

Now, after saying that, some of our closest friends are vegans (and hate when we throw cheese at them - sorry guys) and some of them even practice yoga, too. We here at TYR HQ choose to eat animal products but we're conscious about it. Maybe you live off McDonald's cheese burgers, or eat nothing but Pot Noodles. It doesn't matter, you can be a yogi, too.

5. Yoga isn't a workout

This one is true... KIDDING! Come to my vinyasa class in York on a Tuesday night and I'll kick your ass. But we'll mellow out at the end so you *almost* forget how knackered you were minutes before. That's the trick ;)

So what about the benefits of yoga? Well, I'll post about this soon. But for now, just know that it'll help you:

  • put your socks on in the morning

  • walk/cycle/crawl up hills better

  • be nicer to your mother-in-law

I'm all for breaking these crazy boundaries in yoga, and making sure that even YOU feel like you can practice. 'Cause, y'know, over here at TYR we reckon yoga's pretty great...

If you fancy a non-judgy, light-hearted yoga experience in York, check out the timetable here.


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