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The Revolution has begun

And we made it. Welcome, one and all, to the Honey Yoga rebrand: The Yoga Revolution. And I've been reminded time and time again over the rebrand process that this is the perfect name; it IS a revolution. It's a revolution against not feeling good enough, stretchy enough, or even young enough; a revolution against the 'uniform' of yoga, and the aesthetics, mindset, diet that's 'supposed' to fit a yogi. We're all yogis here, whether you can throw a neat handstand or struggle to find downward dog, and we move in my classes to a different beat. (Primarily that of AC/DC, Jimi Hendrix, or Radiohead of course.)

It's about the feeling, not the form. It's about non-conformism if you want it to be. It's nothing more, nothing less than feeling amazing, finding the joy, and spreading this stuff around. Yoga is just my tool for these things, and what a tool it is.

And, more than this, it's about all of us. We can spread the joy, whether to ourselves or to the outside world, a hell of a lot better when we join forces. And we can even relate this back to the meaning of the word 'yoga': to yoke. To bring together. To bind. And, this obviously has huge meaning in the physical and mental aspects of our practice, but what if we place that meaning onto all of us? To bring US together?

So this is what The Revolution is: us coming together as a collective, a tribe, a unit, whether you've been yoga-ing with me for a year or a day. And, together, we find the joy.

Remember: you don't have to be a long-limbed white, skinny, blonde, tanned, twenty-something throwing advanced yoga shapes on a tropical beach to be fucking awesome.


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