Regardless of depth or ability, just show up and get rewarded.

Our points system is designed to encourage you to simply practice. Whether it’s a 5-minute meditation or an hour vinyasa class, whether live or on-demand, we want to recognise the hard work you put into yourself and making the world a better place. Here’s how the system works.

Single points

Earn single points by practicing either live or on-demand.

  • Live classes: make sure you click the Zoom link straight from the event page itself. No points will be awarded if you copy and paste the link.
  • On-demand classes: to earn a point for each class you watch, make sure to let the video run to the end without skipping forward.

Here’s the ranks you can move through as you earn more points:

  • 1-5 points = The Noob
  • 6-50 points = The Goose
  • 51-100 points = The Hendrix
  • 101-200 points = The Radical
  • 201-300 points = The Renegade
  • 301+ points = The Maverick

Monthly points

Win our REVOLUTIONARY badge for every month you complete 10 or more classes (and earn 10 or more points).

Course points

The Zeppelin Badge: complete the 30-Day Challenge

The Genesis Badge: complete our Couch To Yogi beginner’s course (paid)

The Whole Lotta Love Badge: complete three members’ courses

The All-Star Badge: complete seven or more members’ courses

Loyalty badges

One-Year Most Excellent Badge

Two-Year Warrior Badge

Three-Year Hero Badge

Four-Year Legend Badge

Five-Year Unicorn Badge