Practice with us live, 6 days a week

Our live classes are the real deal. Join us at first light or right before bed, in your PJs or your yoga finery, and move, breathe and feel better with us right there with you.

This is live, so expect your teacher to virtually high-five your crow pose, or guide an adjustment in your dog. Or maybe you’d prefer to turn off your camera and be with us even if you want some privacy. It’s all good – we’re in this together.

14 live classes per week

Weekly guest classes with teachers from all over the world

Custom Spotify playlists for each class


How our live classes work

Here’s the simple steps you need to take to make sure you’re ready to rumble with our online classes

Step 1. Download the Zoom app (and get on Spotify)

Just download the Zoom app on whatever device you’ll be using to stream our online class. If you’re as excited about music as us lot, then Spotify will be your new go-to and you’ll get custom playlists for each class.

Step 2: Book a class

Become a member and book your session via the live classes page. Once you’ve booked in you’ll see your booked class on your schedule page and all the links to join will be right there.

Step 3: Click the link, turn up the tunes and yoga onnnnn!