So, this blog. Glad you’re here, for starters. But I wanna clear some stuff up.

I know, you know, your cousin who runs her own business and every entrepreneur in the world knows that blog posts are supposed to be SEO-positive for your website, and you gotta use proper search phrases and titles and what-not to bring in the clicks. Well, yes. That’s all probably true, and I’m sure I’ll succumb to this in future posts. But actually I just love to write stuff and sometimes it ain’t all that relevant, mk? Like my previous blog space, I’m not going to focus on creating bullshit click bait to drive traffic (oh my god I just fell asleep a little bit). Instead, my aim is to (hopefully) entertain with my pointless tales that maybe make you laugh. A bit like my yoga classes; about the good vibes and stupid jokes. It’s just how I roll.

My lovely dad (there’s a featured post of his on my old blog site), who writes monthly for a Yorkshire-specific magazine, finds himself musing about the daftest of things. Not because the magazine tells him to so they can slap stupid celebrity faces (I’m sure some of them aren’t stupid) on their covers, but because A. he’s been given free rein (how brave of them) and B. because that’s not him. We went to lunch the other day and he had “the best steak pie” of his life. His life, you guys. This is the topic for next month’s article, if you can believe it. So, I’m gonna walk in my dad’s shoes, not give a shit, and write for anyone who’ll read it.

Assuming you’re ok with that, and leading on from my previous tomes (you can find ’em here) right now it’s about my current situation.

Now, I’m not talking all ethereal here. I’m talking about my *actual* situation. I’m sat wearing most of my wardrobe in a little office with a little window listening to the gentle sounds of the cafe downstairs. Apart from being cold (I can’t work/won’t pay for the heating) it’s nice. It’s really nice, actually. ‘Cause, if you’ve read any of my previous stuff (or ever listened to me prattle on) up until a few weeks ago my office was in a van. And my bedroom, kitchen, library, wardrobe, and toilet (we’ll talk about that later).

Van life was awesome (let’s ignore the previous blog posts where it wasn’t) but as I sit in a dedicated office room in my house I’m pretty stoked to not be shivering in my Renault right now (instead I’m just shivering in here. How much is heating?!).

We have way too much space, we visit said cafe as many times a day as our bank accounts allow (they sell matcha lattes guys, and home made brownies), and we have no leaks (ok, we have one leak, but they said they’re sorting that). But I can’t’ve just left #vanlife behind, right? Well, not really. First of all, I’m kind of pining for a weekend adventure, and second of all, I’ve learnt stuff, maaan.

I can confidently tell you, post a full summer in the van, that a couple of things have changed:

– I HATE spending money. Even on things I actually want. The van forced us to be super conscious about the things we bought, as we really didn’t have the space for flippant purchases (even though inflatable whales were such a thing last summer <sad face>).

– I lose everything. There’s too much space in houses guys – how do we manage? Keys, glasses, laptops, phones, boyfriends – you name it, I’ve lost it on the transition back to #houselife (don’t worry, I found Darren. He’d made the room we’d confidently decided to never use into a man cave. From van life to insanity I tell you…).

– And I’m really aware of our water and electric. Where do they come from? I know I have basically zero DIY skills outside of assembling Ikea furniture, but how did they get the water to heat up!? What’s powering my lights? And seriously, how do you work the fucking heating?! We built our van ourselves (there was a bit of blood and so many tears) so we had to work everything out. Solar, water systems, heating, insulation, lights and power for our devices and stuff. I definitely feel a bit more connected to what’s actually going on (even more so since I’m covering the bills…).

It still feels a bit like we’re camping but in a house – we’ve been really close to moving our bed into the kitchen and shutting off every other room, but then we got carried away and the man cave happened (send help!). But it’s honestly awesome, and I’m super grateful to’ve had the perspective of living in a van for six months to bring to our new place.

And, our new yoga studio open day is *almost* set in stone! I’m amazingly unorganised, so bear with me, but I can’t wait to share this cool new space with you guys.

In the meantime, be excellent to each other, don’t read click bait, and do some yoga. Until my next wholly irrelevant update, I’m sending you the love. Have a great day!

Chloe - Founder and Lead Teacher

POSTED: 06/01/2017

Chloe is the founder of TYR and her mission in life is simple: to encourage and facilitate authentic happiness in herself and those around her, and this goes into each and every class she teaches.

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