Happy new year, revolutionaries! And what a year it’s gonna be. We’re only a few heart attacks (seriously – I’m anxiety central over here. Yoga perhaps?!) away from opening our new TYR studio here in York, and this is the year that I really hope to bring this stuff to more people who need it. There’s a reason I teach (and practice!) this kinda yoga. We need it. We need less of the fluff, the bullshit, the spiritual egos (you’ll notice I haven’t changed my lovely English name to a Sanskrit one – cultural misappropriation at its finest no doubt – or chat about my fucking guru all the time). Because yoga isn’t about that, and people are put off (hell, I’m put off) due to this pap. So what’s it *actually* about? I’ll tell you:

1. Feeling really fucking good. (And I use expletives not to offend, but to EMPHASISE HOW FUCKING GOOD YOGA MAKES YOU FEEL!). Seriously guys, it’s pretty simple. Embodiment, mindfulness, breath – this is the stuff that really connects us to the good vibes. We don’t need a whole lot more.

2. A light heart. You probably don’t have one already, or if you do it’s NSFW (breaking out in dance on the boardroom table anyone?) or gets trampled by mean people. It doesn’t have to be mega serious, or mega spiritual if you don’t want it to be. Laugh if it’s funny. Make it funny if it’s not. And *always* refer back to no. 1.

3. Connection. A mega one. I refer, of course, to our connection to the universe, the connection to ourselves within it, and connection to every other being on this planet; to your neighbour, to your fellow yogis (god forbid) to the guy serving you with a blank face in Sainsbury’s (he most likely hates his job, give him a break). Recognise that we’re all on this crazy ride together, making it up as we go along, and it’s nice to be nice.

There’s sprinkles of other stuff going on in this yoga thing here too, but the foundations of it all come back to these three tenants. TYR doesn’t pretend to be everyone’s favourite way to get their yoga fix; we’re not aligned with particular spiritual paths or gurus; and we certainly don’t take anything too seriously. (So to those passive-aggressive chanting should be involved comments on FB lately, good for you – you’re not invited to the party, and party it sure is.)

I’m super excited for the future of TYR, and (I know everyone says this but I’m mega serious) I can’t beleive how lucky I am having you guys read this/come to class/follow me on social media. You’re the best, and we really are making our corner of the world a little brighter. Shine bright, you crazy diamonds! Here’s to an awesome 2018!

Chloe - Founder and Lead Teacher

POSTED: 06/01/2018

Chloe is the founder of TYR and her mission in life is simple: to encourage and facilitate authentic happiness in herself and those around her, and this goes into each and every class she teaches.

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