Yes to you and your practice! We love that you’re jumping on your mat with us.

Maybe you’ve not been practicing long, or you’ve been out of the loop for a while. Either way, here’s some sessions to help you start your habit and get you feeling alllll the benefits of this awesome practice.

The Zero To Hero Course

Start a yoga habit and get to grips with this practice via this really accessible 6-week course.

Yoga For Tight People

Feeling stuck? Movement not coming easy? Try this 4-class course out for size.

Live classes

Our live classes are all all-levels, and you can be *really* confident that you’ll not be expected to look like your teacher necessarily, or pull off allll the poses. Try a few classes that work for your schedule and see how you get on.

Any of our slow-down content

If you live in the modern world, slowing down is probably something you really need, and this stuff can be wildly beneficial. These sessions are also perfect for adding into your schedule alongside our more regular vinyasa – or fiery – practice.

Check out The Great Calm bundle by Kat, our Anti-Stress Toolkit bundle, the gentle classes in our library, and our live Big Calm sessions with Sarah and Kat.