Ok, looks like you’re new to yoga. Awesome that you’re starting the practice with us!

For true beginner’s, we actually *really* recommend jumping into our on-demand Couch To Yogi 4-week beginner’s course. If you decide to purchase the course, you’ll get access for 8 weeks to the course itself, and you’ll also get a refund for any payments you’ve made so far and a free 8-week membership to sit alongside the course content.

The course not for you? No sweat. Here’s ways to get started with yoga within our membership content:

The Zero To Hero Course

Start a yoga habit and get to grips with this practice via this really accessible 6-week introductory course.

The Foundations

A mini 4-class course to help you get to grips with our sun salutations and beyond.

Live classes with Kat

Kat’s an incredible teacher if you’re newer to the practice. She takes it slow, expects nothing perfect, and helps you understand yourself and your body *way* more. Check her sessions out on the schedule here.

Any of our slow-down content

If you live in the modern world, slowing down is probably something you really need, and this stuff can be wildly beneficial. Not only that, but these more mellow classes are also perfect for beginners.

Check out The Great Calm bundle by Kat, our Anti-Stress Toolkit bundle, the gentle classes in our library, and our live Big Calm sessions with Sarah and Kat.