Welcome Leni Ella! Thank you so much for letting me share your lovely words on here. For those who don’t know Leni, she’s a brand new student of TYR, a shiny individual, and is going on an amazingly inspiring journey in 2018 to say yes! And here’s her words, post TYR:

Last night I went to a new yoga class not connected to my gym. I was offered a free trial and in my year of trying new things and saying yes more I went along. I didn’t take a friend and I didn’t know anyone. That changed as soon as I walked through the door. The young teacher came over with a big smile, shook my hand then gave me a hug of welcome. Then a lady already ensconced on her mat introduced herself and explained she was new last week and would I like to put my mat near hers. Then another lady came in and also introduced herself as a newby and set up on my other side. I felt to be among friends immediately.

What came next was an hour of relaxed hard work (if that’s possible) full of gratitudes and connecting to the planet and thanking Mother Earth and recognition that we are all connected and beautiful. All whilst doing a lovely sequence of attainable yoga with more difficult layers for those more experienced – not me obvs!

Now I have friends in my life who would have loved this lesson, who would have embraced the words and bought into the love. I also have friends who would have found it a little amusing, a little ‘hippyish’, a little out there. Me though, I LOVED IT! I loved it all. The inclusivity, the high fives, even the circle at the end where we all held hands and took a minute. Even the fact it finished with a hug.

My body is sore today, but I am grateful. I experienced something really lovely and calming and uplifting. I will definitely go back.

Chloe - Founder and Lead Teacher

POSTED: 17/05/2018

Chloe is the founder of TYR and her mission in life is simple: to encourage and facilitate authentic happiness in herself and those around her, and this goes into each and every class she teaches.

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