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Top 4 Reasons To Meditate

Unless you've been living under a rock the past 5 years, you'll know that meditation is no longer this hyper-spiritual, guru-driven, impractical yawn-fest. I know, right. Companies like Headspace and Calm have made it cool and stuff. It's more than a Bill-Gates-does-it-so-it-must-be-cool sorta thing. It's a tool you need in your toolkit, even if you don't know it yet. Our favourite tool to help us meditate (no, we're not affiliated) is the afore-mentioned Calm app, but you can do it however you like. We just want to give you our four favourite and really REALLY compelling reasons you should make meditation a part of your everyday. Here's our top 4 reasons to meditate: 1. Lowers your stress.

4 Tips For Isolation Yoga

You've probably seen a whole bunch of 'motivating' social posts about starting a yoga habit, sticking to a yoga habit, or generally just getting yo' ass on yo' mat this sunny quarantine (aren't we lucky). And obviously, the owner of the coolest yoga studio in the known universe (riiiiggghhht!?) is gonna tell you yoga's the key to the mysteries of the world. But maybe we can lay off the pressure a bit? If it feels the right time to start a new movement practice, or if you feel a bit stagnant and need to sweat it out, a yoga practice can be one HELL of a good quarantine fix; you don't need much equipment, it doesn't cost much, everyone can do it at any level... If you're not, though? Mate, dro

3 Steps to a Gratitude Habit

We're in lockdown here at TYR HQ. We're working from home, realising quickly that our house is too damn small, and my man Darren is starting to see how much food I *actually* eat in a day (no food-shaming here, please). So, I've come up with 6 easy rules for ourselves to help sanity and even a little joy prevail in these crazy days. For the first, go here. And you, you sparkly human being, have landed on the second of these rules: Gratitude. I hear you. It's woo-woo yoga BS. Whatever. Eye roll. Go drink a green smoothie and wear a turban. I get it. But it *actually* can alter our headspace for the better. Even scientific articles like this one claim "gratitude is . . . important to [subjecti


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