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Debunked: The 5 Biggest Myths About Yoga

Yoga. Even in York we're inundated. You've probably heard about it from the badly-designed flyer pinned to the bus stop. Apparently Ryan Giggs does it. And there's these things called yoga pants which, seemingly, are overpriced Netflix-wear. Right? Well, yeah (and holy shit are they overpriced). But I'm writing this today to dispel a couple'a myths about yoga. Because I'm nice like that. Ready? 1. Yoga's just stretching. YAWN! I'm writing this wanting to let you know that it ain't all organised stretching, but some classes are and they can suck. Firstly, it's important that there's an element of strength-building in yoga. If we're just bendy bendy without any support network (i.e. strength)


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