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Guest Post: Leni Ella

Welcome Leni Ella! Thank you so much for letting me share your lovely words on here. For those who don't know Leni, she's a brand new student of TYR, a shiny individual, and is going on an amazingly inspiring journey in 2018 to say yes! And here's her words, post TYR: Last night I went to a new yoga class not connected to my gym. I was offered a free trial and in my year of trying new things and saying yes more I went along. I didn’t take a friend and I didn’t know anyone. That changed as soon as I walked through the door. The young teacher came over with a big smile, shook my hand then gave me a hug of welcome. Then a lady already ensconced on her mat introduced herself and explained she wa

Yoga for sports - it's not all woo-woo and herbal teas

The word 'yoga' suggests a lot of stuff to some folk. Something that old ladies do before tea and cake perhaps, or loads of chanting and religious-heavy chat, or maybe something for cave-dwellers to do for hours on end. I'm so so so (so so so) keen to dispel these myths, as you can probably tell by my previous ramblings on here. So what *is* yoga? And how can it help you? This post is for cyclists (hello Rich and Deb if you're reading!), runners, crossfit folk, or anyone who throws themselves around in some other interesting way. Because yoga can seriously help you with this stuff, honest. Here's how: 1. Be-gone tight places. Taking gym-folk as an example, (and I'm speaking from experience h

Happiest of new years!

Happy new year, revolutionaries! And what a year it's gonna be. We're only a few heart attacks (seriously - I'm anxiety central over here. Yoga perhaps?!) away from opening our new TYR studio here in York, and this is the year that I really hope to bring this stuff to more people who need it. There's a reason I teach (and practice!) this kinda yoga. We need it. We need less of the fluff, the bullshit, the spiritual egos (you'll notice I haven't changed my lovely English name to a Sanskrit one - cultural misappropriation at its finest no doubt - or chat about my fucking guru all the time). Because yoga isn't about that, and people are put off (hell, I'm put off) due to this pap. So what's it


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