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Here's to the death of clickbait

So, this blog. Glad you're here, for starters. But I wanna clear some stuff up. I know, you know, your cousin who runs her own business and every entrepreneur in the world knows that blog posts are supposed to be SEO-positive for your website, and you gotta use proper search phrases and titles and what-not to bring in the clicks. Well, yes. That's all probably true, and I'm sure I'll succumb to this in future posts. But actually I just love to write stuff and sometimes it ain't all that relevant, mk? Like my previous blog space, I'm not going to focus on creating bullshit click bait to drive traffic (oh my god I just fell asleep a little bit). Instead, my aim is to (hopefully) entertain with

Mat talk. What's the best yoga mat?

We talked about keeping mats clean a little while ago on the old blog (head here for the recipe), so for this post I wanted to throw a little light on the yoga mat itself. What the heck do we buy?! There're so many mats out there, at so many price ranges, it's frankly a bit mental. So here's my humble thoughts on the mat-madness: Low price range: alright guys, I really can't love tkMaxx more here. I get all my class mats from here. Be careful though, the cheapest (and most common) mats here are total crap. You want to look out for Gaiam mats (other brands are around too) which are at least 5mm thick and don't collapse to nothing when you squish them. Often referred to on their snazzy packagi


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