Get your team access to our online yoga studio today.

We’re really excited about our corporate partnerships. It’s our mission to help people feel better, and this extends to our corporate partners and their teams, too.

There’s some serious benefits to your team when you add The Yoga Revolution into the mix:

  • Improved mental and physical health (i.e. less time off)
  • Higher productivity
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased morale
  • Improved communication
  • And the ability to touch their toes or work without back pain might make their lives easier, too

Why The Yoga Revolution’s corporate partnership?

Sure, you can get a weekly virtual (or not) yoga class set up for your team and of course you’d see benefits. But what we’re about is creating a habit, giving more than just a single hit in a week, helping your team access yoga when they need it, not just when the teacher has availability.

Here’s what you can expect to see with our corporate partnerships:

  • An employee-happiness partner. We tailor our offering to best fit you, your team and your goals. Want more reminder emails? You got it. Want a 60-day challenge? We’ll make it happen. Need more live classes? We’re on it. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all but a chance to tailor this for your needs and those of your team. It’s our aim to make this the best it can be for your company, always.
  • Our 6-week on-boarding course. We want to help your team create a yoga habit, and this is exactly what our on-boarding course is about. Perfect for anyone newer to a yoga practice, this course will guide your employees through bitesize weekly on-demand sessions and our lunchtime half-hour live class (or a recording if the time doesn’t work). We’ll also send custom emails to remind them to practice, branded with your logo.
  • The competitive edge. Steve in marketing will be more inclined to breathe, move and meditate if he knows he’s only a few points behind Jess in sales. Your team will gain points for classes attended and watched and for courses completed. They’ll also be able to see a leader board to rank their points against their workmates.
  • A community. Especially if your team is working from home, a sense of community can be a struggle to find. We’ll connect you and your team to other corporate members and our regular members, too, via our Facebook group and community events.
  • Full membership access. That’s classes almost every day of the week, guest classes with teachers from all over the world, over 200 on-demand classes and growing, a suite of courses and challenges and all of our member perks.

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