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Feel like feelin' better?

Join one of our 4-week beginner yoga courses

Course Overview

Each week you'll get several brand new tutorials and classes custom-made for your course that'll give you a well-rounded introduction to this awesome movement practice. Compared to in-person courses (even longer ones), you'll be getting way more bang for your buck (over 10hrs of class and contact time vs less than 6 for other courses).


And, if you struggle to get through it all in time, it's all good - you'll have 8 weeks to graduate and full support from your teacher Chloe throughout.

Content to watch in your own time

You'll get to opportunity to connect with Chloe and the rest of the gang on your course every week (recorded, if you miss it). This is a perfect way to ask questions and dive deeper into the course content, and makes the course a unique blend of virtual and interactive.

Live Zoom calls with Chloe and your course mates

You'll get access to an exclusive Facebook group to add learnings, talk about progress, and to stay connected to Chloe and the rest of your course.


After your first 4 weeks, you'll have another 4 weeks to revise the content and get any support you need via this group (and further Zoom calls if necessary).


 Although we won't be connected in-person, we'll really make up for it online.

Exclusive Facebook group

Price? Well, this packs in some seriously high value

This 4-week course is just £54


Course Contents


✓ First weekly live Zoom call to introduce the course

✓ Introduction to yoga, breath-work and meditation

✓ 1hr of yoga via two half-hour classes


✓ Weekly live Zoom call

✓ Development of yoga, meditation and breathing practice and an introduction to alignment principles

✓ 1.5hr of yoga via one half-hour and one hour class


✓ Weekly live Zoom call

✓ Development of yoga, meditation and breathing practice and an introduction to yoga philosophy

✓ 2hrs of yoga via two hour-long classes


✓ Weekly live Zoom call

✓ Development of yoga, meditation and breathing practice and

a look at different yoga styles

✓ 2hrs of yoga via two hour-long classes

✓ Graduation!


✓ Full access to the course contents to review

✓ Continuous support from Chloe via the Facebook group and email

"Thank you so much for such a fantastic beginners course - I absolutely loved every single session!"


"Thanks for introducing me to yoga, it really has been great and something I definitely want to continue with."


Meet your teacher

Chloe's the founder of The Yoga Revolution. She's been practicing yoga for nearly 15 years, teaching for over 4 and running tailored beginner's courses for the last 3.


And she's a big fan of baked goods.


Why The Yoga Revolution?

You might've guessed, this isn't just *any* yoga studio.

We think yoga can be pretentious, boring, overwhelming or overly-serious.

We want to change that stereotype and make it more fun, accessible, light-hearted and joyful. And this course embodies all of that. 

We're also really excited to be one of few courses that offers interactive virtual content.

BONUS: If you don't feel better after completing the four weeks, we'll give you a 100% refund. 

Previous course graduates said...

"I really enjoyed the course. Chloe’s instruction and guidance were of a high standard. There was the right balance of explanation, demonstration, imitation, and practice. Each session flew by and I felt reinvigorated at the end. I now feel inspired to explore yoga and its benefits further.
Thank you!"

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Rated 5 out of 5 by 15 reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 by 50 reviews

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Rated 5 out of 5 by 138 reviews


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