Because our kids need yoga as much as we do.

We think it's vital to give our kids the chance early on to learn the fundamental skills yoga provides, to help them with the stress of growing up. Can we help our kids grow into amazing adults? We think so!

Run by our in-house expert Cheryl Reid, these classes will help your little ones understand more about their bodies, their breath, mindfulness and how they impact and connect to the world around them, all within a language and format they'll get excited about. Classes run every Tuesday from 4:15-5pm, book a spot below.


For more information, or if you've any questions, get in touch:


A £25 monthly membership gets your little one a space in class every week, or, a single class is just £10.
First session? Try it for just a fiver! Book your spot below (make sure to use your own email address).


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